Low Cost – Maximum Value Storage

East North Storage offers low cost storage in a variety of sizes allowing for an affordable solution to storing your items long term. By using our low cost self storage, you can keep your business and home neater, cleaner and uncluttered. We offer small 5x5x4 stack units up to 10×30 in size.

Our unit interiors are higher than most storage facilities, meaning you get more cubic square footage when you rent with us, thus lowering your cost of storage. With more cubic square footage, many of our tenants have been able to maximize value by renting a smaller, lower cost unit from us versus other facilities!

Many of our tenants have also found they can rent a smaller size unit by packing their belongings neatly and tidily into boxes or plastic bins. Depending upon what you are storing, shelving can also help you maximize your space. Put the taller and heavier items into the self storage unit first. Place tall items, such as the washing machine, against the wall. Put boxes containing lighter and more fragile items on top of the boxes containing heavier, bulky items. Make sure to label the boxes so that you will be able to find the things you need easily. Store the things you may need to take out frequently near the entrance for easy access.

How much does storage cost? Storage costs per month for our cheapest storage units start at $33.

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